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About Christine Ilewski

Christine Ilewski lives in Alton, IL. She received her BFA from the Univ. of WI-Eau Claire, did masters work at Lindenwood Univ. and SIUE where she completed K-12 teaching certification. She has been the Visiting Artist for Liquitex for 20 years, bringing a materials & methods workshop to university campuses around the midwest. Her work is primarily acrylic with multiple mixed media elements. She describes her current work:

"My work has always been “personal.” My work has reflected my experience as a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter; a domestic, intimate life. Landscape has almost always been the background to my narratives, but in my most recent work it seems to have become my center... a place of reflection, a still point from which everything else revolves. These landscapes are bubbling up from a subconscious stream, a “river” of monoprints. With a new studio overlooking the Mississippi, the mighty river runs through all my work. And all the previous “narration” seems to have shifted to the edges as I seek to stand still in its midst."

She is also the founder of the Faces Not Forgotten project, which uses portraits to memorialize young victims of gun violence. Christine was awarded the Critical Mass Stimulus Grant in 2013 for this project. Her work can be seen in the IL state Artisan shops, the Museum of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, and many private collections.

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